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A Lofty September Discount At Hanson Garages

A quick surf of our website and you will immediately notice that we account for virtually every type of garage requirement such is our attention to detail and appetite for fulfilling all our customers’ needs.

We even provide garage designs that are taller than the average offering for those who need that extra bit of head room in the brand new addition to their home.

If you fit into this category of buyers but have yet to purchase a garage solution then you will pleased to hear that throughout the month of September you can ‘go higher for less’.

That’s because we have discounted our extra height buildings (7’ inch eaves on any building) knocking 50% off the normal cost price.

An extra height uplift on any of our garages is usually 15% on top of the basic building price but for this month only we are providing this at a bargain 7.5%; you can’t get more affordable than that.

A loftier garage brings with it a huge number of benefits not least if you have a big car.

It gives you more room to manoeuvre for a start and enables you to strap certain items to the top of your vehicle without any unnecessary accidents or damage being caused.

To take advantage of this fantastic short-term deal call us or make an online enquiry.