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August 13, 2014
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Garages Add Value

Added Value Garages

Newly Released Report Finds That Garages Add Value

The Nationwide Building Society has unveiled a detailed report about house prices and stated amongst several other findings that the installation of a garage can ‘raise a property up to a higher price level’.

It states the following: ‘The potential increase in value to a property from a garage or double garage has remained constant over the last few years. A parking space with the property would typically add around 8% to the value of a property, whilst a single garage would add a further 3% and a double garage a further 9% to the value of a property. A typical property with a double garage is likely to also benefit from other features which are not easily captured such as a large garden or a driveway.’

The exact potential increase in house price given for a single garage and double garage is 11.1% and 20.4% respectively, a considerable amount when you think about it.

Put yourself in the position of a buyer. Line up two near identical homes side-by-side, one with and one without a garage, which one are you likely to choose?

It’s a no-brainer really, even if it ends up costing you slightly more for the privilege, especially if you’re a one or two car family; no-one really wants to be parking their car on the kerb outside or leaving it exposed to the elements on the drive. If you have the space available then integrating a garage makes sound financial sense.

A garage, particularly one bought from Hanson Garages, gives you round the clock protection of your vehicle such is the level of security and durability it provides against intruders.

It’ll enable you to go to bed last thing at night and sleep just that little bit easier.

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