So what can you do with a Hanson Garage

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August 1, 2014
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So what can you do with a Hanson Garage

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There’s So Much You Can Do With A Hanson Garage

When you hear the word ‘garage’ you usually associate it with somewhere you can park your everyday vehicle securely or a place to store all those items that are taking up valuable space inside your home.

There’s no doubt that it can serve both of those purposes, but sometimes it’s good to think outside the box and utilise it for other reasons, such is its adaptability.

For example, take a look at the above photo.

What you see is a Shanette Garage that has been cleverly transformed into an office/shop for a garden centre; an ingenious idea.

The entire Shanette range is constructed using an insulated PVC coated metal and consists of tough galvanised frames and a highly protective roofing system which provides incredible durability, making it the perfect HQ for this type of business. It works fantastically well.

It can be custom-built to your exact specifications too so if you think a Shanette garage would be an ideal home for whatever your company happens to specialise in, you only need to tell us what you want and leave it to Hanson Garages to craft a suitable solution.

Some people also opt to park their car in our fully insulated steel framed buildings, but not just any type of car.

Collectors of classic and vintage cars like to have a dedicated spot where they can safely house and lock away their precious wheels and rightly so as they deserve their own individual spot.

You can do virtually anything with a Hanson garage, there are limitless opportunities.