Hanson Garages – FAQ’s

Hanson Garages – FAQ’s

Hanson Garages – FAQ’s

Hanson Garages – FAQ’s

Is a prefab garage the same as a sectional garage?2023-10-10T13:53:41+01:00

Yes, it is exactly the same product. The can also often be referred to as prefabricated garages and concrete garages.

How often does my garage require maintenance?2023-10-10T13:53:11+01:00

Our ‘Care & Maintenance’ manual in the resource download area on our web site contains some useful advice.

How long do concrete garages last?2023-10-10T13:52:41+01:00

Our concrete garage panels will last for decades. Other components will give you years of enjoyment provided the building is maintained in line with our ‘Care & Maintenance’ manual.

How large can a garage be without planning permission?2023-10-10T13:52:10+01:00

This will be determined by your local planning office.

Do you need planning permission for a garage?2023-10-10T13:51:33+01:00

Most concrete garages are classed as temporary structures and as such do not normally require planning permission. However, there are exceptions to this. The general rule is if the overall height (ridge height) of the building is above 2.5 metres planning would be required. Overall size and location of the garage can also trigger a need for planning so we always recommend checking with your local planning authority first.

Can I insulate my concrete garage?2023-10-10T13:50:57+01:00

Yes, in addition we can supply insulated roof panels as an optional extra and our lining clips are available to buy at point of order or on our parts website hansongaragespares.co.uk

What is the minimum thickness for a concrete base?2023-10-10T13:50:15+01:00

We would recommend a minimum of 100mm (4”).

Do you need building regulations for a garage?2023-10-10T13:49:41+01:00

In most circumstances you would not normally need building regulations approval, however, we would always advise you to check with your local authority to make sure.

Do you need a solid concrete base for a garage?2023-10-10T13:49:10+01:00

Yes, we always advise a solid concrete base is required. Hanson Garages do not build on paving slabs, tarmac or block paving.

Do your garages contain asbestos?2023-10-10T13:48:39+01:00

Hanson Garages have never used asbestos materials in the construction of our garages.

How do you dispose of an old garage?2023-10-10T13:48:07+01:00

We provide a full garage dismantle service. All materials are brought back to our factory yard and either re-cycled where possible or disposed of in licenced skips.

What is the ordering process?2023-10-10T13:47:32+01:00

An order can be placed with Hanson Garages or one of our approved agents. Order details will be completed and at this point a deposit will be taken and a provisional install date given. Next stage you will receive our ‘Order Confirmation Pack’ to read and return. Once all signed paperwork is returned we will confirm the installation date. Balance payment is taken 2 weeks prior to the installation.

How Long does it take to install a garage?2023-12-06T09:25:54+00:00

Typically, a garage will take our Hanson trained installers 4 hours to install.

Can Hanson garages be customised?2023-10-10T13:46:26+01:00

Yes, you can also find a range of accessories including lining clips at hansongaragespares.co.uk

How long is the delivery time for a garage?2023-10-10T13:45:44+01:00

Generally, we can install a building in around 4 weeks.

Do Hanson Buildings provide structural guarantee?2023-10-10T13:45:08+01:00

Yes, all our concrete garage buildings are supplied with a 10-year structural warranty for peace of mind.

What payment methods do you accept?2023-10-10T13:44:27+01:00

Payments can be made by credit card, debit card, bank transfer or cash. We also have a finance option available via our web site.

How do I get a quote for a garage?2023-10-10T13:43:41+01:00

It’s easy to get a quote. Visit our website hansonconcretegarages.co.uk, email sales@hansonbuildings.co.uk, send a message on Facebook, Instagram or contact us on 01977 695000.

Do you manufacture your own buildings?2023-10-10T13:43:04+01:00

Yes, all buildings are manufactured at our premises in Featherstone by highly experienced Hanson production teams.

Do you install your own buildings?2023-10-10T13:42:23+01:00

Yes, all buildings are installed by our highly experienced Hanson employees.

What range of products do you offer?2023-10-03T13:59:39+01:00

Unlike any other supplier we offer the most diverse product range in the UK, designing and building bespoke buildings to suit your needs.

Why Choose A Hanson Building?2023-10-03T14:01:37+01:00

Operating for over 40 years, Hanson offer a wealth of experience from management to the shop floor to installation personnel. We offer a 10-year Structural Guarantee on the full range of buildings assuring you that your decision to purchase a Hanson building is the right one.

What are the quality of your products?2023-10-03T14:02:38+01:00

Ultimately, the quality of our products reflects our commitment to our customers so we carefully select only market leading materials for our concrete garages.


Excellent – 4.9 Stars

Based on 900+ users review

Despite adverse weather conditions Craig, Chris and Jack did a great job installing the garage. They were cheerful and professional and the end result was an excellent well installed garage. Thank you to Hansons and the team.


By Laurie D.

Had a concrete garage installed. Andy Brad & Guy (team3) great set of lads very polite and friendly. Knew what they was doing got on with the job and was finished in great time. Hanson garages great quality looks amazing.


By Matt R.

Large garage installed today: team arrived in good time, and finished by early afternoon. Quick work, looks great. Team talked me through electric door operation and its management, answered all questions helpfully. Many thanks to Danny, Mike and Jay.


By Luke M.

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