Customer Care Pack

Customer Care Pack

Thank you for choosing Hanson Garages. We trust you will have many years of satisfaction.

The following guidelines are designed to help you understand, maintain and prolong the life of your building.

Our buildings are manufactured to the highest quality standards and leave the factory only after rigorous quality checks. Should you nevertheless have grounds for complaint, please contact our Customer Service Department on 01977 695111 or Contact Us Online.

To enable your claim for warranty to be processed as quickly as possible, please provide the following details:

  • Your name, address and telephone number
  • Your Hanson order number-indicated on your Sales order/Invoice
  • Description of the defect
  • Supporting photographs to illustrate the defect.

(We cannot process any claim without supporting photographs)

If you are unclear on any aspects of the details below, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Services Department on 01977 695111 .


No maintenance is necessary on the concrete elements. However, please be aware of the following items:

The concrete sectional panels are supplied with an external multi spa finish. These chippings adhere to the wet concrete during the manufacturing process and in the first few weeks it is common that some chippings may fall off the panels. These are the chippings that were sat on top of others in the process and therefore not adhered directly onto the concrete panels. This will stop as the garage ‘weathers’ and should not cause concern.

The exterior of the panels may appear dull when first installed, but they will brighten up as the panels ‘weather’. This brightening of the panels also tends to ‘hide the joints’ between the sections.

The concrete itself is in a ‘green’ state when first manufactured. Depending on the age of the concrete when the building is installed, it will go through a ‘curing’ process, which in basic terms means the concrete is drying out. It will become stronger as it cures and this may take up to twelve months in certain circumstances.

As with any new structure, your building contains a lot of water in the concrete panels and the base. Whilst the concrete is drying out, it can feel wet to touch and during heavy rainfall may discolour Internally (the panels may turn darker in colour). During heavy and persistent periods of wet weather, your building may experience condensation issues – all of which are common and these issues will stop as the concrete goes through the ‘curing’ process. We do not recommend the building be fully sealed as adequate ventilation is required to minimise condensation.

To aid this process, the exterior of the panels can be sprayed with a weather seal product (such as Thompsons Water seal). This and other products are widely available from DIY stores and builders merchants.

For decorative purposes, the concrete panels can be painted using masonry paint.

We do NOT recommend drilling into the concrete panels, as there are steel reinforcing wires contained within the ‘ribs’ of the panels and drilling the concrete can ‘shatter’ the panels. We recommend you use the lining clips and timber battens for installing shelving/electrics (please see the price list for all of these options).


Once the building has been installed, Hanson Garages cannot be held responsible for water coming in under the panels or the door. To help prevent water ingress a sand and cement fillet can be fitted by either by the company or the customer and/or a rubber weather bar should be fitted. (Supply only)

If requested by you and specified on your order, Hanson Garages’ Installers will point the Cement fillet for you, however, if you have opted to point the cement fillet yourself, you should point the fillet between the bottom of the concrete panels and the concrete base on the inside only. If the fillet is pointed on the outside of the garage the water will not have anywhere to disperse, and consequently may seep into the building in time.

We suggest a 3:1 building sand / cement mix with a PVA mixed in.

Rubber weather bars should be fitted, sealed and fixed directly to the concrete floor.

Ground Conditions

Please check the ground conditions around the base if you do get water ingress. The surrounding area to the base should be lower than the base itself or in time, water may find its way into the building. If the surrounding area is at a raised level a drainage system may have to be built / installed to ensure the building does not let in water. We cannot guarantee, and as such cannot be held liable for, any buildings that are installed on a base that is lower than the surrounding area.

We highly recommend the addition of guttering to disperse the surface water away from the base.

Doors – Up and Over Doors, Side Hung & Steel Pedestrian Doors

Cared for properly, your new door should provide many years of trouble free service.

To help maintain the aesthetic appearance of your door and prevent the build-up of dirt, salt and other corrosive substances the door should be washed with a mild soap-based solution on a regular basis.

If the building is located near the Coast it is important that the door panel and frame should be washed at least every 2 months.

Please note that any chips, scratches or dents on the doors must be reported at the time of installation and certainly within 24 hours. All claims must be supported with photographic evidence and any claims

For damages after this time will not be accepted – See our Conditions of Sale and 10 Year Structural Guarantee Terms for further information.

Basic Door Maintenance

Immediately after the door is fitted and after 5,000 operations (or at least once a year) oil all pivot points, check screws and clamped connections for tightness, keep the running tracks clean (do not grease them), check and replace any worn components if necessary.

The springs should be replaced after approx. 25,000 operations by an experienced door fitter (see fitting instructions). Do not oil the lock cylinder, use graphite dust if it is sticking.

On all hinged doors, hinges and locks should be lubricated at least twice a year and fixings should be checked and tightened as necessary. Always ensure that side hung and pedestrian doors are secured when in the open position, to avoid the door slamming in the wind.

A callout fee of £75 will be applied to door guarantee claims that will be fully refunded if deemed to be a manufacturing defect.

For further details please refer to the Door Manufacturer’s Installation, Operation and Maintenance instructions which will be supplied when the garage is installed.

Roller Doors

This requires the same maintenance as the Up and Over doors described above.

Important! Never leave the key in your roller door lock as it will hit the lintel and break off in the cylinder as the door rises.

Hormann Door Warranty

Garage Up and Over Doors are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 2 years and are warranted for 10 year’s safe and reliable operation from the date of purchase. A 5 year warranty applies to springs, wire cables, track rollers, hinges and guide rollers. In the case of ‘Woodgrain doors’, a warranty of 5 years is granted.

For Hormann Timber and GRP Up and Over and Sectional doors, a warranty of 2 years is granted on the door panels alone. The door mechanism and steel frame (if applicable) is covered by the 10 year warranty period.

Pedestrian access doors are covered by a 5 year limited warranty against manufacturing defects in structure and door finish, subject to correct care and maintenance. Minor chips or scratches which result in cosmetic or surface corrosion are not covered for any of our doors.

Please note that minor surface damage can easily be repaired using touch up sprays or sticks without invalidating warranties.

The warranties shall apply for normal use only. Normal use constitutes no more than 5 operations (open/close cycles) per day.

Electric Operator Warranty

A 5 year warranty is granted on the Electric Operators. This includes operator mechanics, motor and motor control systems. A 2 year warranty is granted on radio equipment, accessories and system controls. There is no warranty on consumables (e.g. fuses, batteries, bulbs, etc)

Timber (Fascias, Pedestrian Doors & Windows)

All our Timber is Pressure Treated – Treatment is applied by controlled Pressure Vacuum Technology. This treatment protects the timber from Fungal Decay and Insect Rot to the Timber

It is advised to re-apply a preservative every 18 months or in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Failure to do this will result in the warranty on the timberwork being void.

Plastic coated steel and UPVC Fascias

To help maintain the aesthetic appearance of your building and prevent the build up of dirt, salt and other corrosive substances, the fascias should be washed with a mild soap-based solution on a regular basis, we recommend every 6 months.


All non-galvanised steelwork is treated in our factory with a red oxide primer as part of the production process. You may wish to apply a finish coat on site if desired (Hammerite or equivalent). Roof trusses are designed to meet the structural needs of the building and should not be used to support other weights or block and tackle to remove vehicles engines or similar.

All Galvanised steelwork is maintenance free and requires no further action.


Guttering should be checked regularly and cleared of leaves and other debris to allow the free flow of rainwater. The standard gutter with downpipe will be fixed with the water discharging onto the base. It is the customer’s responsibility to make arrangements for the water to be drained away from the building and the base otherwise the sand and cement fillet may leak.

Similarly, if guttering has NOT been fitted to the building, we cannot guarantee that the fillet will not seep water. In these cases, we shall not return to site to deal with any water ingress until adequate guttering has been fitted to the building and the downpipes are discharging the water away from the building/base.

After all, you wouldn’t buy a house without guttering, so equally, please treat your garage the same way!

UPVC Windows

The UPVC windows only require an occasional clean to maintain their appearance. Avoid all solvent based or abrasive cleaners and use a mild soap based solution.

All moving parts should be kept free of dirt and debris and for lubrication of hardware, use light machine oil (such as WD40) lubricant.

UPVC Windows are guaranteed for 10 years against product failure and discolouration, with the sealed unit guaranteed for 5 years.

Roof Corrugated Cement Fibre Roof Sheets

When first installed, any structure built using concrete products needs time to dry-out. This applies to all elements of a standard concrete garage. The water used in the manufacture of such elements evaporates. This Hydration (curing process) hardens and strengthens concrete.

In general terms, as much ventilation as possible after construction speeds up the drying process. The moisture released can condensate on cold surfaces, especially on the underside of the roof, causing the sheets to darken and show this condensation.

The period it takes to dry out varies according to weather conditions and of course substantially longer in cold wet periods.

Cement Fibre roof sheets are covered for durability as part of the 10 year structural guarantee.

Box Profile Plastic Coated Steel Roof Sheets with UltraSORB (felt underlay)

The ‘felt underlay’ on the underside of the plastic coated steel roof sheets are designed to absorb condensation in single skin applications.

Roofing sheets with UltraSORB will provide a medium for trapping moisture and will hold the moisture until conditions rise above the dew point and the trapped moisture is then released back into the air in the form of normal humidity.

It is perfectly normal for the felt underlay to be wet to the touch as it holds moisture and prevents it dripping onto your building. As the temperature increases, the felt underlay will dry again.


Maintenance should be carried out with careful consideration to the safety of yourself and others. Special care should be taken if it is necessary to get onto the roof and the use of crawling boards is essential.

In all cases where the use of proprietary treatments is recommended, these should be applied strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Please read this in conjunction with the enclosed Conditions of Sale and the 10 Year Structural Guarantee.

We hope the enclosed information is helpful and you have many years of use from your building. The Hanson Team

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Despite adverse weather conditions Craig, Chris and Jack did a great job installing the garage. They were cheerful and professional and the end result was an excellent well installed garage. Thank you to Hansons and the team.


By Laurie D.

Had a concrete garage installed. Andy Brad & Guy (team3) great set of lads very polite and friendly. Knew what they was doing got on with the job and was finished in great time. Hanson garages great quality looks amazing.


By Matt R.

Large garage installed today: team arrived in good time, and finished by early afternoon. Quick work, looks great. Team talked me through electric door operation and its management, answered all questions helpfully. Many thanks to Danny, Mike and Jay.


By Luke M.